Short-Stay Lodge
(Gaya Street, KK)

A smart and easy way to settle down with low initial and monthly fees. Furnished ready to go. 

Campus (Coming Soon)
(Alamesra Sulaman, KK)

You can plan the perfect student lifestyle by immersing yourself in the city’s culture or be close to campus. We have somewhere just for you to study, play and re-charge.

Shared Apartment
(Alamesra Sulaman, KK)

You can stay from just 3 months and the rooms are furnished. Plus utilities like electricity and water are already all in place with Internet!

Alamesra 2.png

What makes KIN LODGES different from regular stay experiences?

  • KIN LODGES have lower initial costs with a smooth and easy move-in process.

  • Even foreigners can begin staying in as soon as the next day.*

  • For college, work or holiday, no problem!

*With valid Visa or Passport and subject to room availability.